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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inspection management system?

Inspection Management System (IMS) Overview: IMS is a comprehensive software program for managing welding, non-destructive examination (NDE), system turnover data generated during fabrication of engineered piping systems.

What is Alliance inspection management?

About us. Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) is the premier new and pre-owned vehicle inspection partnership in North America that combines breakthrough technology with deep industry experience to provide a trustworthy, independent bridge between buyers and sellers. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle inspection services to verify...

What is inspection planning?

A document that provides instructions on how an inspection of a product is to take place. Inspection plans provide details about what characteristics must be tested in order to ensure the quality of the product, as well as specific metrics and measurements that must be achieved in order for the product to be judged in compliance with standards.

What is industrial inspection?

Industrial Inspection. It is applied to shop or vendor inspections and is a document that identifies the responsibility of the vendor, engineering company, third party inspection company and client regarding inspection "hold," "witness" and "Review" points.

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