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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create G-code for Inkscape files?

With the 1 st method, users can create G-Code for Inkscape files with the Plugins and Extensions already available in the program. While in the 2 nd method the users will require an additional program to convert and view the G-code and the output.

What format does Inkscape save in?

Inkscape saves in the SVG format. Inkscape does come with a plug-in that will generate G-code for machines that are 2D-cutters or plotters. However, you will need to use a multi-step process to convert the 2D Inkscape generated SVG file to a 3D-printer-ready G-code file.

How do I install gcodetools?

Gcodetools is available from this forum post and the installation instructions are available here. Basically, you'll want to download the archive and extract its files to the appropriate location for your OS: Open Inkscape (restart it if it's already running) and ensure that under the "Extensions" menu, there is now a "Gcodetools" submenu.

How do I create a G code in AutoCAD?

Create Your G-Code Make sure you click your shape to select your path, then Extensions>gcodetools>path to gcode. Another option box will appear. Select the ‘preferences’ tab, name the file it will generate, choose the directory to save to, specify your Z axis clearance, e.g. 1.000” or 25mm.

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