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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Inkscape be used in command line?

Inkscape is a great GUI Vector graphic editors, but can also be used in command line mode. A command in inkscape is called a 'verb'

How do I open a file in Inkscape?

The --file / -f options have been dropped. To select a file to open, simply write it as the first argument to the inkscape command. You can also specify multiple files to process as a (space-separated) list or by using globs/wildcards like "*.svg" (only in compatible shell environments, not when using cmd.exe on Windows).

How do I batch process SVG files in Inkscape?

Inkscape has the ability to batch process SVG files without opening up the Graphics User Interface . The available options can be divided into a few categories: general commands, exporting commands (including printing), and query commands. Inkscape will also open PDF files from the command line. The first page in the PDF is imported.

How to run Inkscape without GUI by default?

To close the GUI automatically at the end of processing, use --batch-process. --export-type="xxx" to batch export a list of input files to type xxx. The --without-gui option has been removed. Most parameters trigger Inkscape to run without GUI by default now. Instead enable GUI mode specifically using --with-gui if needed.

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