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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word Indo?

Indo people. In its narrowest sense, the term refers to people in the former Dutch East Indies who held European legal status but who were of mixed descent, that is descendants of various indigenous peoples of Indonesia and Dutch settlers. In the broadest sense, an Indo is anyone of mixed European and Indonesian descent.

What is the definition of Indo?

indo-. a combining form representing indigo, in compound words: indophenol.

What is the origin of Indo European language?

Indo-European Languages Originated 6,000 Years Ago in Russian Grasslands. Proto-Indo-European is the ancestral tongue of 400 languages and dialects, including English, German, Italian, Greek, and Hindi.

What is Indo Asia?

Indo-Pacific. The Indo-Pacific, sometimes known as the Indo-West Pacific or Indo-Pacific Asia, is a biogeographic region of Earth 's seas, comprising the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two in the general area of Indonesia.

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