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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of indemnitor?

A person or organization (usually an insurance company) that provides indemnity—protection or security against damage or loss, or compensation for damages or money spent. In other words, an indemnitor is a person that provides legal or financial protection against possible losses or damages.

What does title indemnity agreement mean?

Title Indemnity Agreement means that certain Title Indemnity Agreement dated as of August 1, 2007 between MOXY and Newfield.

What is an indemnitor on a surety bond?

What Is an Indemnitor? An indemnitor is a company or person agreeing to take on the obligation that would typically be placed on a surety if an individual defaults on a bond issued to him. If the applicant doesn't qualify for reasons of risk by the standards of the surety, an indemnitor might be necessary for the bond process.

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