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Frequently Asked Questions

What language did Incas speak?

Quechua was the main language, but many other languages were spoken in the Inca Empire such as the Aymara language, it is however quite difficult to list every language spoken in that empire.

Where is Quechua spoken?

Quechua may refer to: Quechua people, several indigenous ethnic groups in South America, especially in Peru. Quechuan languages, a Native South American language family spoken primarily in the Andes, derived from a common ancestral language Southern Quechua, the most widely spoken Quechua language, with about 6.9 million speakers.

What was the Incas writing?

The Incas did not have writing in the traditional sense. Rather, they used a series of knotted braids called khipu for bookkeeping and recording information. The braids of the khipu were usually made of llama or alpaca hair and were colored and spun in various ways to represent everything from census information to military organization.

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