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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LLC vs Inc?

Inc. vs. LLC. This means the business is a separate legal entity and the owners ("members" of an LLC) are not legally liable for some acts and debts of the LLC. Inc. is short for Incorporated and denotes a C or S corporation. A corporation also offers liability protection but differs from an LLC in terms of ownership structure and rules,...

What does Inc stand for in a company?

Corp. is short for corporation and Inc. stands for incorporated. They are both used in names of incorporated entities. When you register a business, you can use either in the business name. In terms of legal structure, compliance obligations, limited liability or tax structure, there is no difference between the two.

What is Inc vs Corp?

Inc. vs Corp. Inc (an abbreviation for Incorporation) and Corp (an abbreviation for Corporation) are acronyms used at the time of forming a new business entity. Inc. and Corp. are separate institutions, which have been granted a charter recognizing them as a separate legal entities.

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