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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I experience stepper eyewear?

Experience the many flavours of STEPPER EYEWEAR by finding out what is new, seeing our frames through the eyes of or bloggers and creating delicious food from the recipes of Hans Stepper.

What kind of eyewear does Kay Unger wear?

Bottom-Mounted Magnetic Clip-On Eyewear. Eyewear from the queen of pink and punk! Where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine. Innovative eyewear from the biggest name in the game. Sophisticated and elegant, Kay Unger New York redefines classic style.

Why choose Steppers?

STEPPER created the ‘design from the bridge’ concept in 1970 ago to improve the fit and comfort of spectacles. The more vibrant feel of this collection gives STEPPERS a personality which is quite distinct and exciting. StepperK is an innovative development in the field of children’s frames.

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