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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is abilityace Imagewear?

Ace ImageWear is a family-owned uniform rental company serving businesses throughout Kansas City, Missouri, and Houston, Texas. With nearly 90 years in business, we know a few things about customer satisfaction and delivering on our promises.

Why choose top hat Imagewear?

For almost 100 years, Top Hat Imagewear has been dressing the most prestigious clients within the Hospitality, Residential and Entertainment Industries. We believe the right clothing is the key to a lasting first impression, and a compliment to any brand.

Why trust Ace Imagewear?

Trust Ace ImageWear to handle your facility service supplies and set off on a winning streak. Garment Technology! Our Smart Garment Technology pairs cutting edge technology with personal service – giving our customers immediate access to an online garment tracking system. Your Sleeve.

What kind of eyewear does Kay Unger wear?

Bottom-Mounted Magnetic Clip-On Eyewear. Eyewear from the queen of pink and punk! Where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine. Innovative eyewear from the biggest name in the game. Sophisticated and elegant, Kay Unger New York redefines classic style.

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