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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of drawing people realistically?

The basics of drawing people realistically. To draw a human figure well, you have to understand proportion, gesture, and human anatomy. “Gesture is most important,” says artist Jonathan Dockery, “but we have to start with proportion.” The proportions of human bodies vary widely, but these basic rules can help you keep body parts to scale.

Who is the illustrator of the Spykids logo?

Matthew,Robson,illustration,illustrator,graphic,Logo for spykids reading incentive. Matthew,Robson,illustration,illustrator,graphic,Spykids illustration for national libarary childrens reading incentive. The piece “Geisha girls”.

What should my first attempt at drawing people look like?

Whatever your first attempts at drawing people look like, just keep practicing. Draw with a live model to capture the characteristics and facial expressions that make that person unique. Remember to focus on gesture and movement, and try to tell a story with each drawing you create.

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