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Frequently Asked Questions

What's trending in illustration and graphic design for 2020?

17 Trends in Illustration and Graphic Design to Meet 2020 The review of illustration and graphic design trends to meet a new creative year: line art, expressive contrasts, light and shadows, motion, 3D, and much more.

What were the most memorable illustrations of 2020?

— Alexandra Zsigmond, art director The most memorable illustrations of 2020, as chosen by art directors at The New York Times. Armando Veve The Science Behind Your Child’s Tantrums “This image perfectly evokes the psychological distress of a young child — something we've all seen.

What are the latest illustration trends of the year?

Or as Jamie Clarke, a freelance designer and illustrator specialising in lettering and display, puts it: “Working within a set of restrictions, be they self-imposed or from a client’s brief, is often a good way of keeping an idea focused.” That’s the thinking behind one of the year’s biggest illustration trends: flat colour and a limited palette.

What are the three primary markets for illustrators?

The program covers the three primary markets for illustrators: advertising illustration, book illustration, and editorial illustration. Course highlights include Digital Illustration, Drawing for Illustration, Illustration I-III (Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor), Advertising, Editorial, and Book.

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