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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ignite app by Hatch?

The description of Ignite App Ignite by Hatch is a solution that assesses learning and kindergarten readiness through the delivery of 170 sequenced skills designed to provide individualized learning experiences.

How does ignite by Hatch work in the classroom?

When children play Ignite by Hatch in the classroom, real-time child skill assessment data is automatically collected and provided to teachers, saving teachers time while enabling a more robust understanding of every child’s abilities. This update includes performance improvements and improved troubleshooting capabilities.

What is hatch early learning?

Hatch's early learning solutions build foundational skills across the 7 domains of learning in an interactive and engaging environment designed to foster a love of learning in young children. Connected Learning The COVID-19 pandemic required Hatch Early Learning to rethink how we support our customers.

What's new in the ignite update?

This update includes 68 New and Improved PreK and Early Kindergarten experiences and new avatar gifts which expands the impact of Ignite. It also includes many bug fixes and performance improvements.

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