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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3 facts about igneous rocks?

3. Slow and Hard. Sometimes igneous rocks take a very long time to form. This happens when the rock doesn’t fully escape the heat of the magma, but the temperatures are too cool to prevent the magma from being in liquid form. In these instances, the rocks are more grainy in texture and form granite deposits or a rock called gabbro.

What are the categories of igneous rock?

Igneous rocks are rocks that are formed from melted rocks1. Igneous rocks are one of the three main classes of rocks. The others being sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks from left to right: gabbro, andesite, pegmatite, basalt, pumice, porphyry, obsidian, granite, and tuff. Molten rock material below the surface is called magma.

What are igneous rocks primarily composed of?

Igneous rocks are rocks formed from molten magma. The material is made liquid by the heat inside the Earth's mantle. When magma comes out onto the surface of the Earth, it is called lava. Lava cools down to form rocks such as tuff and basalt. Intrusive rocks are made when the magma slowly cools to form rocks under the surface.

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