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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest score in IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System uses Band Scales or Band Scores to evaluate a candidate's English Language proficiency. The highest a candidate can achieve in IELTS examination is a perfect Band 9.0 overall as well as a band score of 9.0 in each individual section i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

What does IELTS stand for?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This is also a test of an individual’s ability to use and understand the English language. There are two versions of the IELTS: the Academic Version and the General Training Version.

What does IELTS Life skills assess?

IELTS Life Skills is a special IELTS test that was designed to assess and grade people who are required to prove their level of English (more specifically English Listening and Speaking skills ) at Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1 or B1.. This test is available at two levels: IELTS Life Skills - A1 Speaking and Listening: Someone who is going to apply for ...

What is the procedure of IELTS?

IELTS Process Model Answer The diagram explains the way in which bricks are made for the building industry. Overall, there are seven stages in the process, beginning with the digging up of clay and culminating in delivery. To begin, the clay used to make the bricks is dug up from the ground by a large digger.

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