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Frequently Asked Questions

How to relearn idle on a Camry?

If you intend to have the ECU, or TCU, relearn any adaptations, such as idle, you have to go through Teachstream to put those modules in adapt mode. Used to have a 2002 Camry 5 speed with the 2AZ-FE, that every time the battery was disconnected it wasn't able to relearn the idle even after hours of trying.

How to fix a car that won't learn idle?

The solution ended up being to scrub the sludge out of the drive-by-wire throttle body, and then it was able to re-learn the idle easily. I've had no problems starting the engine cold, then let it run to full temp.

What should I do if my battery dies in my Camry?

If your battery died or you bought a new battery and your Camry, or other Toyota is having problems running, and idling try this procedure: Step 1: Turn the key to the ON position but do not start. Step 2: Press the accelerator pedal ALL THE WAY to the floor and hold it for 40 seconds.

What does idle RPM mean to you?

Click to expand... Idle = RPM when engine is on when foot is not on the pedal. Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion? Help us improve your recommendations by telling us what you would like to see.

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