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Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform a Nissan idle relearn?

How to perform a Nissan Idle relearn 1 IDLE AIR VOLUME PROCEDURE. ... 2 Perform ACCELERATOR PEDAL RELEASED POSITION LEARNING procedure: Turn key to ON and wait at least 2-secs. ... 3 Then perform the THROTTLE VALVE CLOSED POSITION LEARNING procedure. ... 4 To do a Mixture Ratio Self Learning Value Clear procedure. ...

What should I precondition my car for idle relearn?

First, precondition the vehicle: Idle relearn cannot be done if any of these items are out of spec or are missing for even a second during the procedure. Battery voltage must be more than 12.9 V engine running at idle Electric load switches OFF. That means no A/C, headlamp, rear window defogger

What RPM does your car idle at during relearn?

At the end of the relearn when you have to start the car and let it idle, it idles fine, right about at 750 rpm. But once I go to drive the car again, the idle is high again (at about 1200 rpm) and it will throw the SES light usually after I drive it once more.

How do you fix the malfunction light on a Nissan Altima?

Pedal to the floor, then full release. After the 5 pedal presses, wait 7 seconds and depress the accelerator pedal to the floor again and keep it there for approx. 20 seconds until the malfunction light stops blinking and turns ON steady. Release the accelerator pedal within 3 seconds after malfunction light stops blinking and turns ON steady.

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