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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ida mean in finance?

An individual development account (IDA) is a bank savings account geared towards low-income individuals to assist in building assets to achieve financial stability and long-term self-sufficiency. An IDA is used for a predefined purpose, such as starting a business, paying for education or purchasing a home.

What is Ida disease?

IDA (medical condition): Iron-deficiency anemia is a blood condition characterized by low levels of iron...more ».

What is Ida individual development account?

Individual Development Account. An Individual Development Account (IDA) is an asset building tool designed to enable low-income families to save towards a targeted amount usually used for building assets in the form of home ownership, post-secondary education and small business ownership.

What is IDA savings account?

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched savings account that enables families with limited financial resources to save and build assets. IDAs encourage savings by matching participant deposits, which then are invested in one of the following assets:

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