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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the ict250 to the network?

The iCT250 uses a "Magic Box" to connect the phone line, Internet and power to the terminal. It is highly recommended that you use an Ethernet (Internet network cable) connection whenever possible.

How do I set up my ictict220 or iitict250?

ICT220 or 250 Setup Guide. 1 Connect the power supply to (C) 2 Connect your Ethernet network cable to port (A) on the opposite side of the power connector. 3 If you require the usage of a phone line, connect it to port (B) on the opposite side of the power connector, next to the Ethernet network.

What information do I need for the Moneris ict250 application?

Moneris® iCT250 Reference Guide 6 3. Make sure you have the following information:  Your 13-digit Moneris Merchant ID(found in your “Important information” email ).  Settlement responsibility (found in your Welcome Email): System Close(Moneris closes your batch at

What are the safety instructions for the installation of the product?

Important Safety Instructions Take care when unpacking, and inspect the product for any obvious external, or suspected internal damage. When in doubt, do not proceed to install or operate equipment.

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