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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sam and Carly ever appear together on iCarly?

Sam and Carly normally appear together after an episode of iCarly to promote They rarely ever do appear with someone else. On their webcasts and on many other occasions, Sam and Carly stand/sit very close to each other.

What episode of iCarly is the Christmas episode?

— Mitch to Carly. iChristmas is the ninth episode of the second season of iCarly and the 34th episode overall. After a special Christmas webcast, Carly becomes annoyed when she sees that Spencer made a Electro-Magnetic Christmas Tree.

What are Sam and Carly's mannerisms when they fight?

Sam and Carly have seemingly distinct mannerisms when they fight, like slamming their lockers, along with their major arguments involving only each other in the room, and ignoring anyone else in their vicinity.

Why did Freddie and Carly break up?

In a speech to Spencer and his former babysitter, Carly remarks that their relationship is weird and wrong, provoking a reaction in Sam and Freddie. In both instances, Freddie, Carly and Sam decided it best to be friends, and break off the relationship.

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