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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Sam really Kiss Freddie in iCarly?

When Sam overhears Freddie admit he has never been kissed, she decides it would be fun to expose this confession on Carly's web show, until the rampant humiliation he receives at school makes her regret her decision. Did You Know? Sam says her first kiss was with a boy named Buddy Hinton.

Who is dating Carly from iCarly?

Carly Shay ( Miranda Cosgrove) ( iCarly) is dating a boy named Steven Carson ( Cameron Deane Stewart ), who divides his time between his divorced parents in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Did Sam and Freddie get together in iCarly?

Additionally, ahead of the news of the iCarly reboot, the official Nickelodeon YouTube channel posted Sam and Freddie's Relationship Timeline in July 2020, where it was confirmed Freddie and Sam got back together. However, when fans meet Freddie in the iCarly revival, Freddie is hot out of a second divorce.

Are Sam and Freddie still dating on iCarly?

Sam told Natalie, her boss, that she and Freddie dated and that Freddie is still in love with her. This suggests that Sam and Freddie may still have feelings for each other. Freddie then asks Sam if she wants to get back together in iGoodbye.

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