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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hurricane Ida currently?

The remnants of Hurricane Ida came barreling through Central Pennsylvania ... Three months later, the basement is basically restored – though now we have area rugs that can be rolled up and removed rather than wall-to-wall carpet. It was an exhausting ...

Where is Hurricane Ida radar?

› Where is hurricane ida radar › Current radar ida › Hurricane ida tracking map. Related websites. Where’s Hurricane Ida Now. Hurricane Ida grew fast and is posing a threat to Louisiana; The storm was a Category 4 and just shy of being a Category 5 at landfall;

Where is Ida Storm now?

Kim Rice didn’t expect a hurricane. Hurricanes occur elsewhere, on the Gulf Coast or in Florida, not in the northeast. To be accurate, by the time the remnants of Hurricane Ida crept across Pennsylvania, it was classified as a tropical depression.

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