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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact huecu customer service during the upgrade weekend?

You may locate the Customer Service phone numbers on the back of your Credit or Debit Card. HUECU branches will be closed. Telephone and email support will NOT be available. 24-hour Credit and Debit Card Customer Service will be available throughout the upgrade weekend. You will NOT be able to access Online and Mobile Banking during this weekend.

Why huecu credit union?

The Credit Union has great rates and an easy process for getting a mortgage. I’ve gotten several loans with HUECU and the transaction is always straightforward and seamless. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges, and they offer very competitive rates. Love the vacation club!

What happens if I have multiple member numbers with huecu?

If you only have one member number with HUECU, your member number will remain the same. If you have multiple member numbers, your accounts will be consolidated under one member number – the lowest member number you have will remain. We will now allow only one member number per Social Security Number.

Will my huecu debit card work during the upgrade?

Although HUECU Debit Cards will work as normal for purchases and ATM withdrawals, there will be a temporary daily limit. Therefore, you may want to consider grabbing extra cash, and if you’re planning any large purchases, you may want to make them before or after the upgrade. Note: HUECU Credit Cards will not be affected during the upgrade.

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