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Frequently Asked Questions

Why huecu credit union?

The Credit Union has great rates and an easy process for getting a mortgage. I’ve gotten several loans with HUECU and the transaction is always straightforward and seamless. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges, and they offer very competitive rates. Love the vacation club!

What do you love about huecu?

What I love about HUECU is the excellent services, the people friendly attitudes, and that they are always smiling. The Credit Union has better customer service, better banking, and better interest rates than any bank I’ve used.

How much does it cost to refer a friend to UECU?

Refer Friends Refer a Friend, Receive $50 Each HUECU now offers our exceptional home loan experience in all New England states. Learn More Mortgages Across New England Send Money with Learn More Zelle It's fast, safe and easy.

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