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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to bank at huecu?

The location in Harvard Square is super convenient. Since I work in the square I can just pop in at any time and do my banking. All the employees are friendly and helpful. It’s a pleasure banking with HUECU!!

Why should I join the huecu?

HUECU staff is friendly, the banking is simple, and your rates are great. This is a great service to all affiliates of Harvard. I never have to worry about being taken advantage of with sneaky usage fees or shady employees. HUECU has my back. I love the Credit Union’s long-standing commitment to workers and sound financial sense. Carry on!

How do I make an appointment with huecu?

Make an appointment with an HUECU team member. Both phone and in-person options are available.

How much does it cost to refer a friend to UECU?

Refer Friends Refer a Friend, Receive $50 Each HUECU now offers our exceptional home loan experience in all New England states. Learn More Mortgages Across New England Send Money with Learn More Zelle It's fast, safe and easy.

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