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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan from my HP printer to my computer?

Install the HP software that came with your printer. If it's already installed, open the program on your computer. Put the file that you want to scan on the glass scanner, face down. Make sure the edges of the paper touch the sides with the arrows pointing to it. Select the logo of a wrench on the software program.

How do I scan a document from my printer to my computer?

Scanning on Windows Open Start . Type windows fax and scan into Start. Click Windows Fax and Scan. Click New Scan. Make sure that your scanner is correct. Select a type of document. Decide on your document's color. Select a file type. Change any other options on the page. Click Preview. Click Scan.

What printers use HP ink?

In the printing process, some ink is used to prepare the printer for use. HP offers two general inkjet print head designs: integrated into the ink cartridge (Integrated Print Head: IPH) and a long-life print head integrated into a printer which has Individual Ink Cartridges (IIC).

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