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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a quick divorce in Houston Texas?

The basic steps for how to get a divorce in Texas: You need to be lawfully married. ... You and/or your spouse must satisfy the "residency requirements." (for more info, click What are the "Residence Requirements" for a Texas Divorce? ... You must have a "ground" (a legally acceptable reason) to end your marriage. ... File an uncontested or contested divorce. ... Distribute joint marital property. ... More items...

Does Texas have jurisdiction over my divorce?

Jurisdiction: Texas courts only have jurisdiction to grant divorces for Texas residents. So, one of the spouses must be a Texas resident for 6 months prior to the date the petition for divorce is filed in Texas.

Who pays for divorce in Texas?

In Texas, the person who files for divorce is typically the one responsible for paying the filing fee to start the divorce case. The amount that you must pay to file for divorce in Texas depends on the county in which you file, whether you and your spouse have children, and your financial situation.

How do I file for divorce in Texas?

The first step in getting a divorce in Texas is to file the Petition for Divorce. This form will tell the judge and your spouse that you want a divorce. Make 2 copies of a fully filled out and completed "Original Petition for Divorce.".

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