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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a housekeeping manager do?

Responsible for cleanliness, orderliness and appearance of the entire Hotel. Ensure that rooms are made as per company standard. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with in-market teams, HQ teams, and own executive reporting for the housekeeping department. More... Housekeeping Manager - Titans Training Facility/St Thomas Sp...

What does an assistant executive housekeeper do?

The Assistant Executive Housekeeper is a second-level manager who plays a key role in the management of the site housekeeping operations, helping to meet… More... This Extended-Stay hotel is looking for a manager to lead our team of housekeeping professionals. This is the onsite lead supervisory job in the housekeeping… More...

What is the starting pay for full time housekeeping manager?

More... Starting pay for Full Time Housekeeping Managers is between $12:50-$13per hr with MONTHLY raises. Overtime Pay after 35 hours. More... The Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day housekeeping operations with direct interaction with staff, facilities, and customers.

What is the job description of a housekeeping attendant?

Housekeeping Attendant 1 Clean and tidy all areas to the standard cleanliness within time limits. 2 Create daily job lists and record all serviced rooms. 3 Job Types: Full-time, Part-time.

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