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Frequently Asked Questions

How are househouse points awarded?

House points are awarded according to the school’s reward system. Points are usually represented by physical tokens or stickers, for example, or are counted electronically as part of an online system ( read more about physical vs alternative school reward systems here ).

What is the house points app?

Not anymore with LiveSchool’s House Points App! Schools can now organize students into “Houses” where their individual points roll up into a shared total. Through friendly competition, students can learn the importance of teamwork and participating in something larger than themselves.

How do schools benefit from house points?

The reception of House Points has been overwhelmingly positive across teachers, students, and administrators. Below are just some of the ways schools have been benefiting: House Points gives administrators and teachers the ability to connect with students across their schools.

What are the benefits of House Point Systems?

Using house point systems has been shown to have a positive impact on motivation and behaviour, as well as encouraging a sense of identity and belonging among school pupils. Such systems include all pupils, not just the highest achievers, and help develop a variety of skills other than academic.

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