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Frequently Asked Questions

Is houdiniesq free to use?

HoudiniEsq is licensed software. Solo Practitioners If you are a solo practitioner you may download and use HoudiniEsq Solo (on-premise) and our support and training services for free perpetually. No fine print.

What is houdiniesq workflow automation?

HoudiniEsq streamlines your workload and improves productivity with the most robust workflow automation engine in the industry. Generate work products, documents, contracts, drafts, send emails and reminders, complete mundane day-to-day tasks, all automatically.

Is houdiniesq the best way to manage a law practice?

"Whether in the Cloud or In-house, HoudiniEsq is the most effective way to manage a law practice." Access vital case info with just a glance. Tune each view for a fine balance between productivity and efficiency. You can see an overview of an entire case with just a glance.

What operating systems are supported by houdiniesq?

Windows, OSX, and Linux-based systems are all supported. Use any browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Edge. Please note, although you will use a web browser to interact with the software your data resides on the host machine HoudiniEsq was installed onto at all times.

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