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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install or manage a Houdini license?

The License Administrator. The License Administrator (hkey) is the easiest way to install or manage Houdini licenses. If you are running a headless system (a machine without a graphical display), please refer to to Using the License Administrator non-graphically on the general License Management FAQ.

What port does Houdini Apprentice listen on?

Must be in the running state for any Houdini products to open, including Apprentice. By default listens on TCP port 1715. This may be changed. The client License Administrator (hkey) or non-graphical sesictrl will connect to sesinetd for license information or administration.

What happens when you return a license to Houdini?

These are applied to a currently installed License ID (or, product keystring). When you return a license, you must return the License ID itself. This will return the product keystring. How does Houdini licensing work?

Why is Houdini not running on my computer?

If there is no hserver running on the client, Houdini will not start. On Linux and Mac OSX, hserver is started automatically when you start a Houdini application, or it can be started manually. On Windows, both hserver and the license server are started as Services named HoudiniServer and HoudiniLicenseServer respectively.

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