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Frequently Asked Questions

How does instancing work in Houdini?

Because instancing takes place in the renderer, the instanced geometry does not use memory or slow down the display as you work in Houdini. On the other hand, since you can’t see the instanced geometry in the viewport, it might be hard to visualize the finished scene.

How do I use instance geometry in Houdini?

Instanced geometry or uassets will appear as instancers in the Houdini Outputs section of the Detail Panel, as shown below: The geometry used by each instanced output can be replaced in Unreal, and can have a position, rotation and/or scale offset applied to it via the corresponding controls in the detail panel.

What happens if the checkbox is off in Houdini?

If the checkbox is off, Houdini ignores the value. Instance the given object’s geometry. No point instancing. Instead, the instanced object simply replaces the instancing object.

How do I import an instanced static mesh to Houdini?

In version 2, instancers can be imported to Houdini when the Actor owning the Instanced Static Mesh Components is selected via a World Outliner Inputs. The instanced mesh will be imported as a packed primitive, copied on each of the instanced points.

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