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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Houdini engine 2 and the original Houdini?

Houdini's procedural engine will then "cook" the asset and the results will be available in the editor without the need for baking. Version 2 is a significant rewrite of the core architecture of the existing Houdini Engine plugin, and comes with many new features, and improvements.

What is addhoudini engine?

Houdini Engine supports a deep integration of Houdini and its procedural workflow within the larger framework of a Studio pipeline. Houdini Engine functions as both a plug-in to other applications and a non-graphical solution for batch processing and distributing important tasks to the farm. ENGINE FOR FILM/TV PDF ENGINE FOR GAMES PDF

How does Houdini work with Unreal Engine?

The state of Houdini Engine can be viewed in Houdini while working with the plugin in Unreal, and changes on either end, whether in Unreal via the plugin or in Houdini via its various interfaces, will be synchronized across so that both applications will be able to make changes and see the same results.

What version of Houdini does the plugin run on?

Currently, Version 2.0 has binaries that have been built for UE4.26 and UE4.25, and is linked with the latest production build of Houdini, H18.5.462. Source code for the plugin is available on this repository for UE4.26, UE4.25, UE4.24, UE4.23 and the master branch of Unreal (4.27).

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