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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Houdini cost for indie developers?

Houdini Engine for Indies now FREE! SideFX is pleased to announce that Houdini Engine Indie is now available for free (previously $99). Independent game devs and CG artists can now freely load Houdini Digital Assets built using Houdini’s procedural node-based workflow into apps such as Unity, UE4, Maya and Cinema4D.

What is Houdini engine?

Studio Wide Solutions Houdini Engine supports a deep integration of Houdini and its procedural workflow within the larger framework of a Studio pipeline. Houdini Engine functions as both a plug-in to other applications and a non-graphical solution for batch processing and distributing important tasks to the farm.

What is edithoudini engine indie?

Houdini Engine Indie offers a way for indie artists to have free access to running the plug-ins or batch processing on up to 3 computers which don't have access to interactive licenses. DOWNLOAD NOW! LEARNING WITH APPRENTICE

Is Houdini free to use?

So basically there's Houdini to create complex procedural assets (not free), and then a plugin to inject these into a game engine, itself called "Engine" (this plugin was formerly not free, and now free for "indies"). Is that right ? Yeah, I must admit I have been quite puzzled by their marketing and communication.

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