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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hometown cha cha cha a good series?

Hometown Cha cha cha is a feel-good series. Tata Sep 28 2021 3:51 am I just watch this drama because of kim seon ho. Actually, i feel that the storyline is so weak, there no interesting or even surprising plot twist. I am bored indeed. But nice to see kim seon ho as male lead here.

What makes “hometown cha-cha-cha” stand out from the rest?

Unpretentious script, actors full with natural talent, and beautiful seaside scenery make “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” stand out from what is currently airing. Congratulations and respect to all the crew!

What are some Korean people who thank you for the hometown cha-cha-cha?

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, thank you! Hong Dusik, Yoon Hyejin, Gamri halmoni, Hwajeong, and every people from Gongjin, thank you so much! ? Dlyn Oct 30 2021 10:40 am This drama save me from my depression during this difficult times away from my family for 2years..

What do you think about gaemal cha cha cha?

Mel Sep 13 2021 12:18 am Gaemal cha cha cha is one of a kind. This drama is a pure healing, the plot is really good, cinematography is superb, actors are great, what else you name it. This is the drama that I want to leave a comment after all these years became silent reader hahaha. Shin Min Ah, she is legend!

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