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Frequently Asked Questions

Will every episode of hometown cha cha cha excite viewers?

Hope every episode will excite the viewers. Maria Errica Lim Sep 01 2021 12:30 pm Hometown Cha Cha Cha is a refreshingly feel good series. Maybe it's still too early to say since I've just watched two episodes out of sixteen but this gives me a feel good vibe that helps me clear my head away from the chaotic new normal we have now.

Is ‘hometown chachacha’ a healing drama?

This is indeed a healing drama - so many takeaways on family values and relationships. Kudos and thank you to the whole team who brought us Hometown Chachacha. Patti A. Oct 17 2021 7:46 pm I could tell 10 minutes into the show that I would love it!!

What terms do you associate with hometown cha cha cha?

The terms I'd associate with this drama include cozy, familiar, unpretentious, charming, accepting, welcoming and charming. I needed this kind of drama after I tried finishing Squid Game (after watching Squid Game, it left me sad). Hometown Cha cha cha is a feel-good series.

How many episodes of chachacha are on Netflix?

Calico cat Sep 22 2021 11:07 pm So proud of Hometown Chachacha making it in the Netflix Top 100 with only eight episodes so far! Hoping it ranks higher. Fly high homcha!!!!!

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