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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make homemade coconut oil?

Cut your coconut in half with a large knife and drain the milk into a separate jar. Cut the coconut meat from the coconut shell using a chisel or a knife. If you are using a blender, cut the meat into small pieces. Place the pieces in a blender and add water. If you have 2 cups of coconut chunks, add 3 cups of water.

How do you make homemade natural body wash?

Carefully mix all ingredients by hand with a spoon in a glass liquid measuring cup. Do not use a blender, whisk or had mixer as this will create bubbles and make it impossible to get into a container. Pour into a (preferably glass) container and use in the shower as a body wash. I use with a natural sea sponge for easy use.

How do you make homemade coconut soap?

Directions: Dress up for making soap – safety glasses, rubber gloves and a shirt with long sleeves would be fine. Pour the lye to the water. Heat the coconut oil in a stainless steel pot and softly stir with a wooden spoon until melted. Very slowly and carefully pour the lye mixture to the oil mixture until combined.

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