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Frequently Asked Questions

Does filtering affect my homebrew?

Also, the filtering process traps large protein molecules which can cause cloudiness upon chilling of homebrewed beer (you may have noticed this at some point). Filtering removes other particles too, creating a smoother tasting beer sooner, and reducing any natural haziness for a deeper, clearer appearance. However, filtering also removes yeast...

What is the difference between an unfiltered and filter beer?

Unfiltered beer is in its rustic form and could be said to be incomplete or unfinished beer. It is just like in a brewed state. Whereas, filtered beer is a type of beer that passes through the cleaning process to remove yeast and remains of hops, barley, or malt after the brewing procedure.

How do breweries filter beer?

Breweries can filter their beer in a variety of ways. Some common methods include using a centrifuge to spin out larger proteins, yeast cells, etc. Other breweries use plate and frame filters that push beer through mesh filters of increasing fineness.

How can I filter my Beer?

The only way to filter and bottle beer is to filter your beer into a keg, then artificially carbonate it, and then bottle it from the keg using a counter-pressure bottle filler or beer gun. Also having a pressurized keg makes it much easier to use an inline filter, as gravity works very slowly with typical beer filters.

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