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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sloe gin and where to buy it?

As for their sloe gin, marzipan leads into cherry and plum on the nose, while the juniper and botanicals keep everything in check. A clean note at the end brings the mint to mind without it overwhelming the warming fruit and almond. Buy from Beckett’s Gin (£33.60).

What does Marks and Spencer sloe gin taste like?

Aromas of jammy raisins and flavours of currants, blackberries and stewed fruits, Marks & Spencer's sloe gin offering has a pleasant taste. Testers particularly loved the sweet, smooth texture and integrated alcohol. An enjoyable gin, testers liked the prominent fruity, berry flavours, describing this sloe gin as “warming and syrupy.”

What does sloe taste like?

Sloe fruit is sweet and dark, providing the perfect contrast to the bitterness of gin. If you haven’t had a chance to make your own this year (who has the time?) fear not; we’ve found six of the best to buy readymade. Bottoms up!

Is it time to drink sloe gin on a winter walk?

Hip flasks at the ready; it’s time to ward off those winter chills with a drop of probably the only booze it’s socially acceptable to have a shot of on a brisk winter walk. Yes, that’s right, as the days get shorter and the jumpers get thicker, it’s time to reach for a bottle of sloe gin.

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