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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hoffman sign?

The Hoffman sign is an involuntary flexion movement of the thumb and or index finger when the examiner flicks the fingernail of the middle finger down.  The reflexive pathway causes the thumb to flex and adduct quickly.

How do you test for Hoffmann's sign?

Perform a sharp and forceful flick of your thumb, making contact with the nail of the subject’s middle finger. The subject's finger will flex immediately followed by relaxation. The presence of Hoffmann's sign is characterized by flexion and adduction of the thumb and flexion of the index finger.

What is the Hoffman test?

This test is a quick, equipment-free way to test for the possible existence of spinal cord compression from a lesion on the spinal cord or another underlying nerve condition. The sign takes its name from a German neurologist called Johann Hoffman. Other names for the sign include digital reflex, snapping reflex, or the Jacobson reflex.

How do you know if your Hoffman sign is positive or negative?

“flicking” the nail of the person’s middle finger, using their other hand. If there is no movement in the index finger or thumb after this motion, the person has a negative Hoffman’s sign. If the index finger and thumb move, the person has a positive Hoffman’s sign.

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