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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a nVent Hoffman free-stand enclosure?

Take your pick! nVent HOFFMAN offers standard, universally rated and IEC rated free-stand enclosures. Strong, fast, and easy, modular solutions provide durability with the quick and simple installation to customize and assemble. nVent HOFFMAN has you covered!

Who is Hoffman industrial enclosures?

Hoffman Industrial Enclosures. Hoffman Equipment Protection, a Pentair global business unit, is the leading provider of worldwide product and service solutions for enclosing, protecting and cooling electrical and electronic systems.

What are the sizes of Hoffman boxes and enclosures?

Type1 Boxes and enclosures A1M Medium Type 1 Enclosures Subject to change without notice PH 763 422 2211 • FX 763 422 2600 • © 2007 Hoffman Enclosures Inc.COM-15 Commercial Boxes and Enclosures Standard Sizes Medium Type 1 Enclosures Catalog Number A x B x C in. (mm)

What are Hoffman watershed® enclosures?

Specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing, Hoffman WATERSHED ® Enclosures feature a sloped top, sloped door edges, bullet-style hinges and additional unique features that facilitate washdown runoff.

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