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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Hoffman brothers sod company?

The Hoffman Brothers, Tim, Randy, Al & Arnie have grown up raising sod with their father Chuck, making Hoffman Brothers Sod one of the most experienced sod companies in the Midwest. We offer two types of sod, our Classic Bluegrass Sod and Drought Tolerant Bluegrass Sod.

Where can I Buy Fresh Cut sod in Bethel?

Fresh cut sod is available at our sales yard seven days a week during the season. Located in East Bethel at the Northeast corner of Hwy. 65 and Viking Blvd.

Where do you deliver sod in North Dakota?

We also deliver our sod regionally in outstate Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota & Iowa. We regularly deliver in such North Dakota markets as Fargo, Bismarck, Mandan & Dickinson. In addition to sod, we offer a large variety of landscaping supplies and our sales yard.

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