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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best clergy robe for men?

001. Clearance: Men's Preacher Clergy Robe in White & Black 001. Men's Adam Clergy Robe in Black & Red 003. Men's Asbury Clergy Robe in Black & Red 004. Men's Trinity Clergy Robe & Stole Set In Gold & Black

How to order a Geneva clergy robe?

4433 Basic Geneva clergy robe with embroidered front panels, bell sleeves with elbow cuff. This is a custom order product which cannot be ordered online and should be ordered using our choir order form. If you have any questions please call, 800-537-2575.

What are the different colors of Adam clergy robes?

Men's Adam Clergy Robe & Tippet in White & Red 005. Men's 27-Button Roman Cassock & Cincture Set In Black 005. Men's 27-Button Roman Cassock & Cincture Set In Purple 005. Men's 27-Button Roman Cassock & Cincture Set In Red

Do clergy robes include pockets/aperture?

However, all clergy robes include one pocket/aperture. Clergy robes are furnished with embroidery as shown unless otherwise specified. Other embroidered designs are available. Please specify designs to be embroidered on clergy robe as well as trim fabrics and colors.

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