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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hoffman Academy?

The Hoffman Academy is an online piano lesson program created by Joseph Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman is also the instructor for the video lessons and takes a classical approach to teaching piano.

What makes Mr Hoffman's piano lessons special?

Mr. Hoffman ensures that the lessons are fun and interesting by using familiar songs, mini games on the keyboard, and even props and costumes. For example, he brings a giant wooden bullfrog to the lesson on “ Frog in the Middle ”. And, he always ends lessons with a quick finger puppet show related to that lesson’s content.

What is the Hoffman method of music teaching?

Based on principles such as “ear before eye” and “experience before explanation”, the Hoffman Method’s goal is to produce well-rounded musicians that really understand music. Mr. Hoffman himself teaches the video lessons, and he goes to great lengths to teach a variety of concepts in fun ways.

What is the best free online piano lessons for kids?

Hoffman Academy is known for having free online piano lessons for kids. More than just piano however, the lessons teach music. I first shared our experiences with Hoffman Academy back in 2014. Since then, Hoffman Academy has added an option for a premium membership which I decided to try out a few months ago.

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