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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn piano at home with Hoffman?

Learn at home with Mr. Hoffman’s proven method. As an expert educator and pianist, Mr. Hoffman makes learning piano accessible to everyone. Go at your own pace, from the comfort of home—and join the tens of thousands of students around the world who have become confident musicians through the Hoffman Academy.

Why Hoffman Academy for kids?

With Hoffman Academy, kids get so much more than piano lessons. Our innovative, foundational approach encourages your budding pianist to actually understand music. Using delightful videos and supportive, kid-friendly music education materials, Hoffman Academy empowers children with the knowledge and techniques they need to become true musicians.

What is the easiest way to learn piano?

The easiest way to learn piano. It’s never too late to learn piano. Whether you’re just beginning or took lessons as a kid, you’ll come up to speed quickly with the Hoffman Method. Go at your own pace, at your convenience, with the guidance to become a confident musician. "How did you do that?

How many videos are there to learn piano online?

Whether you want to master the basics or grasp advanced music theory concepts, our 300+ videos make it easy and fun to learn piano online. Practice makes perfect—when you know what to practice and when. After each lesson, you’ll have a detailed practice plan that walks you through exactly what to work on each day.

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