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Frequently Asked Questions

Why learn piano with Mr Hoffman?

Hit milestones and earn points along the way. No more tedious memorization and endless drilling. Our online games make learning everything from music theory to rhythm more fun and engaging. Learn at home with Mr. Hoffman’s proven method. As an expert educator and pianist, Mr. Hoffman makes learning piano accessible to everyone.

Why Hoffman Academy for kids?

With Hoffman Academy, kids get so much more than piano lessons. Our innovative, foundational approach encourages your budding pianist to actually understand music. Using delightful videos and supportive, kid-friendly music education materials, Hoffman Academy empowers children with the knowledge and techniques they need to become true musicians.

Can I have a piano teacher at home?

Now you can have a great piano teacher in your very own home, anytime, with Hoffman Academy’s complete musical training program online. Our video lessons guide students through each new song and concept.

How long are the piano lessons?

Each lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes—easy to fit into any schedule, and the ideal length for keeping attention and focus high. We hope you’ll join us here and at to find out how much fun learning to play the piano can be.

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