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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TSG Hoffenheim use SAP sports one?

TSG Hoffenheim is using the SAP Sports One solution to identify, acquire, and develop its athletic talent. The end-to-end solution allows the team to rapidly evaluate players and uncover insights that lead to winning strategies.

What is the history of TSG Hoffenheim?

TSG Hoffenheim competed as an amateur team for decades. But in the early 2000s it rapidly advanced with the backing of former club player and SAP cofounder Dietmar Hopp. By 2008, the team had risen to 16 th place in the top tier of the German football league. In 2017, it reached a world ranking of 61 out of nearly 1,000 teams.

Who is the owner of Hoffenheim?

Hopp began investing in Hoffenheim in 1990, helping them win multiple promotions thanks to his backing.

Where is Hoffenheim's Rhein-Neckar-Arena?

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim made their loftier ambitions clear in 2006 when the club's management decided to build the new 30,150 seat Rhein-Neckar-Arena suitable for hosting Bundesliga matches. The stadium was originally to be built in Heidelberg before the selection of a site in Sinsheim.

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