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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas good?

The service received at Hofbrauhaus exceeded our expectations ! Being from Europe and having lived in Germany for a few years, I was very excited to find out there was a Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas, where I just spent a week. The food was good,... but what we are the most happy with is the service that we received and the ambiance.

What is the best German beer hall in Las Vegas?

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas is the first and only German beer hall and restaurant to call Las Vegas home. As experience as authentic and unforgettable as the 400-year-old original.

Does hithofbräuhaus Las Vegas sell my data?

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas does not sell your data; please view our Privacy Policy. Last but not least and for the first time live on stage we welcome radio star and TV host Mercedes Martinez.

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