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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the 2019 Hall of Fame Game?

On Thursday night, the NFL finally made its return with a real football game -- a preseason game, but still, we'll take what we can get -- with the 2019 Hall of Fame game between the Broncos and Falcons. In a defensive struggle, the Broncos clipped the Falcons with a 14-10 win.

What was the fourth Hall of Fame Game in baseball?

The fourth Hall of Fame Game was played in 1943 by the Chicago White Sox and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The 1946 Hall of Fame Game featured the New York Giants and the Detroit Tigers. The 1947 Hall of Fame Game featured the Boston Braves and New York Yankees. The St. Louis Browns topped the Philadelphia Phillies 7-5 in the 1948 Hall of Fame Game.

What is the most runs scored in a Hall of Fame Game?

The Cleveland Indians defeated the Chicago Cubs 4-2 in the Hall of Fame Game of 1952. The Cincinnati Reds set a Hall of Fame Game record for most runs scored in a game during the 12th Hall of Fame Game. The New York Yankees defeated the Cincinnati Reds 10-9 at the 1954 Hall of Fame Game.

Why is the Hall of Fame Game played on a weekend?

Unlike its predecessors, the Game was henceforth played on a weekend unrelated to the induction ceremony. In 2009, the Game was replaced with the Hall of Fame Classic, featuring former major league players. Doubleday Field, in the center of Cooperstown and owned by the village, has always hosted the game.

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