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Frequently Asked Questions

How were kids treated in ancient Rome?

Children in Ancient Rome were usually reared by their mothers until they reached age of seven . After that they accompanied their fathers who taught them to be farmers, craftsmen or soldiers. Children from wealthy families usually went to school and were taught how to read and write. They did not write on paper but on wax tablets.

What was the role of children in ancient Rome?

The children of ancient Rome spent their free time playing with toys and indulging in various games. Some of the most common pastimes for Roman children were flying kites, playing with balls, and rolling hoops made from pieces of metal so that they chimed like bells when rolled.

What did the kids do for fun in ancient Rome?

Knucklebones. Children in Ancient Rome played Knucklebones, similar to the way children now play jacks. Roman Ball. Ancient Roman children also played games with balls that resemble modern hockey and volleyball. Dice. The Ancient Romans also played games with dice.

What are the best things to do in Rome?

There are plenty of things to do in Rome that will give you a solid sense of its past, from touring ancient government buildings and bath houses to paying your respects at a storied cemetery. For a glimpe at a more modern Rome, steel yourself with a drink at one of the city’s best bars and then brave the rowdy crowds at a football match,...

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