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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ancient Rome so famous?

Ancient Rome was known for the foundations it laid and advances it made in contemporary architecture , effectively making Rome a pioneer civilization, inventing and implementing breakthrough architectural techniques.

What made Rome so successful?

The Roman Empire was so successful because of roman dominance in warfare and the stable structure of politics. The empire was impressive because the Romans were very practical and well organized people, they were ambitious and aggressive in obtaining anything the Romans craved.

Who were the early people of Rome?

Interesting Facts About the Early History of Rome The poet Virgil told another founding tale of Rome where the Trojan hero Aeneas founded Rome many years before Romulus and Remus. Palatine Hill later became the home to many of the most wealthy and famous Romans such as Augustus, Mark Antony, and Cicero.

Why was Rome important in history?

Even when the western roman empire started falling to pieces, it took a long time to fall and was still a dangerous enemy in it's death throws. Getting back to the question, Rome is considered so important because It controlled most of Europe, and a great deal of European culture and customs date back to roman times.

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